About Me

Image is of a woman with two buns in dark blonde hair with mustard yellow scrunchies. Wearing a bright multi coloured jacket with images of fruits and vegetables on them. She is wearing pink daisy earrings.

Hi, I'm Tonya!

Welcome to Toho Handmade.
I make Polymer Clay earrings, I hope you like what I have made and they bring some joy to you.

I am a E commerce lead by day and a jewelry business by night. I am a true introvert. I love my close friends, family, my two big dogs and cuddling up with a good book. You will always find me trying and doing new things!

I started working on polymer clay at the start of 2021 as a fun new hobby to help keep my mind and my anxiety at bay after long working days. 

I had received a beautiful handmade gift from a friend of mine. They had made me these tiny green arched studs, and I thought hey, maybe I could do that. 

I started learning from fellow clay makers, videos and through a lot of trial and error (oopsies galore). I really started to develop my skill and my style. I am always improving and developing new techniques, making new patterns and colors. I still am always growing this craft, but I hope you love what I have come to create as it has become to mean so much to me. 

Thank you for being here!