Earring, Necklace Care & Information

These items are handmade with love and care and should be taken care of with love and care as well. 

The clay used is sturdy, very durable and lightweight to wear.  Although they are sturdy, I do still recommend to take care of them and store them safely between wears.

Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower, bath and or any type of water. 
If they get any dirt, makeup etc on them. Gently wipe clean with gentle soapy water and a gentle cloth. Do not use acetone or rubbing alcohol on the clay or resin as it may create a film, and take off some clay, painted on design and or resin. You may use rubbing alcohol to sanitize the metal post on the back if need be. 

The posts on the back of the earrings are hypoallergenic, typically gold plated and made with stainless steel and are nickel free. They are sealed with a UV resin coating, so those babies are not going anywhere! 

Necklace chains are all gold plated, hypoallergenic and are nickel free. 

UV resin is also used on some of the earrings and necklace pieces to give a protective shiny finish. Acrylic paint is used for the earrings with painted on designs, and sealed with matte varnish to protect the design.

The backings of the earrings are silicone for a snug secure fit, as well as hypoallergenic. Please note while I do try to ensure all the materials I use are hypoallergenic, there is still a mix of metals used and if you have known allergies please be mindful of this. 

Some of my pieces have additional attachments.These vary from gold plated, surgical steel and or brass. If brass is used it may need to be polished or cleaned over a longer period of time of wear.