Sadaf & Toho Collaboration

Meet Sadaf!

I am Sadaf and I'm a self-taught tazhib artist.
Tazhib in words mean using gold and originally was used to ornate valuable books. I fell in love with the amount of details and started practicing from what I could find. I also use a lot of Persian carpet patterns and detailed tile designs used in Persian architecture. By getting creative in the colors and patterns that I use, my designs are inspired by the traditional masterpieces with a modern twist.

Tonya & I, we thought why wouldn't we wear them? So they appeared on the clay earrings! Every single piece is designed based on the shape and color of the earring which makes them unique. They are all hand painted with gouache and watercolor and protected by a layer of resin to ensure durability.

These are made with love and we hope you feel the love we put into these little pieces for you! 

Check out the Sadaf & Toho Collaboration Collection 

The ones in the product images can be made to order. As well if your interested in working with us on a custom pair that is an option as well. Prices will vary depending on the pieces and design time.
Please email and or use the Get in Touch function on the website here and we can work together to get earrings you love! 

Much love from, 

Tonya & Sadaf 

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